5 best virus protection options for Windows 10

5 best virus protection options for Windows 10

Want to make sure your computer is protected? Keep reading to learn about the best virus protection for windows 10.

Computer viruses, including spyware, malware, and ransomware, can cause major damage to your PC, your personal security, and even your finances.

They pose a threat worldwide. The recent WannaCry ransomware attack affected 150 countries around the globe and caused nearly $4 billion in damage.

Prevention is the best way to save your system. If you’re running Windows 10, you have a few options when it comes to virus protection software.

Here are the top 5 options for the best virus protection for Windows 10.

Top 5 Choices for the Best Virus Protection for Windows 10

You need to protect your personal privacy online. One of the easiest ways to do that is to maintain up-to-date virus protection.

Unless you’ve made changes to your PC, you’re already running Windows Defender. This program comes auto-installed on your system. It runs regular checks for viruses and other threats and maintains a firewall on your network.

That’s a great start, but if you really want to stay protected, you need a supplemental system that can handle malware.

Here are our picks for the best virus protection for Windows 10:

1. AVG

If you’re looking for free virus protection, AVG has a lot to offer.

This software can block malicious URLs, protect you from malware, and even rate the safety of any sites you visit. That’s all in addition to strong virus protection abilities.

AVG does underperform in phishing protection, however. The scans also run slowly.

2. Norton Antivirus Basic by Symantec

There’s a good reason Norton has been a big name in virus protection for years.

This software offers secure protection against a huge database of known viruses.

Norton scans, however, run slow. For a paid product, their customer support can leave you wanting.

3. Webroot

Webroot Secure Anywhere is paid software that keeps your system protected without eating up a lot of processing power.

This slick program scans quickly and even protects against malware and ransomware.

Webroot uses a different method to block suspicious programs, however. Rather than checking them against a database of known threats, Webroot allows unknown programs to run while closely monitoring them.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

As another paid option, Bitdefender protects your computer and adds in some extra security features.

You get a password manager, browser protection, a system vulnerability scan, and ransomware protection.

This version of Bitdefender doesn’t offer a firewall or spam protection, though. If you want those features, you’ll have to pay extra.

5. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is great for protecting your system from malicious software. This paid program prevents system exploits and looks out for ransomware.

It doesn’t perform well when it comes to virus protection. If you choose Malwarebytes, be sure to run a strong antivirus program, too.

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