Clean Master celebrates 5 years of cleaning Android phones worldwide

Clean Master celebrates 5 years of cleaning Android phones worldwide

Cheetah Mobile’s flagship product Clean Master was launched in 2012. It has achieved countless outstanding records over the past 5 years, making it the most popular mobile utility application. Clean Master 6.0 will be released this September, and it’s predicted to raise the standard of outstanding products in the mobile market.In celebration of Clean Master’s 5-year anniversary, let’s take a look at how this mobile app was able to accumulate almost 900 million global downloads and maintain 4.7 stars (out of 5) from 40 million ratings on Google Play, as well as expand its fanbase on Facebook to embrace over 29 million followers.

The Dawn of Clean

In March of 2012, Google changed its digital distribution strategy, combining the Android Market with other proprietary services to create Google Play. During this time, the environment of the market was truly chaotic. Clean Master was issued from Zhuhai that September, and it had a concise interface design with original cleaning optimization functions that appealed to users around the globe. Most Android users at that time were not clear about how to manage their phones.

After discovering the demand for this type of application, Cheetah Mobile decided to make user experience a core value. They released Clean Master 3.0 with a self-developed super engine called “The Fire Eye.” Not only did it help users clean junks files and accelerate phone speeds, but it amazed the world by its convenience and user-friendly design. This greatly accelerated Clean Master’s activation and retention rate. Within the first year, it became the #1 utility app on Google Play and ranked in the top five of the non-gaming category, along with Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram, which were the most successful mobile applications at the time.

Early Success

In 2014, Clean Master’s increasing focus on quality helped it achieve 4.7-star rating on Google Play. This attracted the attention of international enterprises, such as Samsung. It was recommended and endorsed by more than 100 smartphone brands and operation agencies.

Figure A

The main UI in Clean Master versions 3.0 and 4.0 (left and right) displayed avant-garde designs.

However, the Clean Master team didn’t become complacent with their success. Instead, they continued to extend software functions in three main areas: user experience, cleaning junk files, and privacy.

1. User experience

After considerable research, the Clean Master team was able to improve the app’s home page to become more sophisticated and clear, and they developed versions in different languages so that users from various countries could enjoy the very best customized experience. Some unique functions were also added to the interface, such as CPU cooler, to broaden Clean Master’s capability.

2. Cleaning junk files

Cheetah Mobile engineers manually analyzed thousands of popular APPs and established a deep cleaning engine, based on the cloud and artificial works, that continues to be a leader the industry. This engine allows general users to clean 30% more junk from their smartphones during the first use than other cleaning apps.

3. Privacy

The Clean Master team seized the security trend and made the decision to expand its feature set. They researched and developed relevant functions related to social software privacy, enhanced protection of photos, and strong antivirus to properly lock down Android smartphone security. Clean Master’s real-time malware monitoring and high level of security protection has resulted in AV-Test awards for the most authoritative organization in internet security.

Figure B

Junk cleaning and CPU cooling were featured in version 4.0.

The Power of Innovation

After positive feedback gained by various functions in version 4.0, the Clean Master team decided to follow the path of optimization and creativity, developing the features in its next iteration to best serve the growing user base.

The home page is fundamental to the user experience. Clean Master took this into consideration when it developed version 5.0. The home page was optimized with a new interaction structure, a bottom layer of function entries, and a message flow mode that allowed users to test their phone’s conditions fast and conveniently.

Despite years of leading the industry, the Clean Master team never stopped its desire to innovate and improve. They enhanced the deep cleaning function again, accelerated the scan speed 35-40% faster than before, and increased the amount of cleaning memory 15 times more than it was before. The notification bar also became fresher and more convenient to check and manage social messages.

New functions were also developed, such as Battery Saver to let users understand the power consumption of common software and the Time Wall to enhance security. The Time Wall helped users understand all operation records and manage every app’s scan conditions and changes of authority after updating software. It even provided news relevant to security to achieve more complete protection.

During these changes, the development team released A/B testing to make sure they were on the right track, because Cheetah Mobile takes users’ opinion very seriously.

Figure C

Clean Master version 5.0 featured the Time Wall, an updated cleaning notification bar, and Battery Saver functions.

A Cleaner, Safer Future

When it comes to human history, five years are just few drops in the ocean. However, in this digital age of information, five years is much longer than the life of most mobile products. Clean Master has encountered countless challenges since it was born, including imitation, plagiarism, partner inspections, and competition. Despite all of these things, the belief of “users first” has never changed. This is also true with the upcoming Clean Master version 6.0.

According to one of the developers, Clean Master 6.0 will add more personalization elements to the interface based on things like the region and habits of the user group. The core functions will be improved continuously with the help of cloud computing and an upgraded virus database. Clean Master will more efficiently clean junk and kill viruses than ever before. Functions like the password locking screen, Wi-Fi security, and Private Photo demonstrate the newest and most complete protection and prove why Clean Master’s market position has not been shaken for the past 5 years, when it was established as the first and best utility app in September of 2012. Join us as we anticipate Clean Master 6.0 and begin the “Safe and Sound” era of your smartphone.

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