Can I recover my files or are they gone forever?

Can I recover my files or are they gone forever?

Can I recover my files? This is something everyone asks after accidentally deleting something. Let’s find out!

You’re working on a project on your computer. You highlight several files to move or open, but you click “delete” instead.

Your stomach lurches, and only one thought goes through your mind: “Will I be able to recover my files – or are they gone forever?”

If you find yourself in this scary situation, don’t despair. Deleting a file isn’t as simple as it sounds, and it’s rarely gone forever.

Read on to learn more about deleted files and how to recover them.

What happens when I hit “delete”?

When you delete a file, it isn’t truly erased. It continues to exist on your computer’s hard drive.

Here’s what happens when you hit the “delete” button:

  1. The file gets sent to the recycle bin.
  2. The file stays there until you “empty” the bin.
  3. After you empty the bin, the file remains on your hard drive.
  4. The only way to permanently delete a file is to overwrite the hard drive.

This process is important to understand, because many people fear they’ll never see their deleted files again. This is rarely the case, and file recovery is almost always possible.

On the other hand, this also means that files you wanted to delete may not actually be “gone.” If you ever sell your computer, you need to make sure to erase any confidential information.

Why aren’t my files erased immediately?

Why does your computer go through so many steps in the deletion process?

Deleting a file and marking its space as “available” happens very fast. Erasing the file by overwriting its data on the hard drive requires a lot more time.

If you delete a 10GB file, this will happen in an instant. If you want to erase the file’s contents, it will require as much time as writing 10GB of data onto your hard drive. This could take several minutes or more.

To save time and improve performance, Windows and other systems break the process into two separate steps.

How can I recover my files?

Now comes the important question: How can I recover my files?

First of all, make sure the file is actually deleted. It’s possible you misplaced it in the wrong folder. Use File Explorer to perform a thorough search.

If you truly have deleted the file, you must perform recovery right away. The longer your computer keeps writing new files on the hard drive, the greater the chance of overwriting your desired file.

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