How using a VPN online helps protect your privacy

How using a VPN online helps protect your privacy

Using a VPN online is the only way to search. Without a virtual private network, your information is vulnerable to attack. Learn more about VPNs here.

The recent Equifax breach showed us that nothing is totally safe online. As individual users, we may not have as much at stake as Equifax, but we still need to consider our privacy.

A primary way to stay safe is to use VPN online. This stands for Virtual Private Network and it helps by providing security while we’re on the internet.

You may be thinking there’s no reason you would be the target of a data breach. Well, think again. If you’re on an unsecured network, there could be someone snooping around on your connection.

Now that we have your attention, let’s look at some ways a VPN will keep you safe.

How Does VPN Online Keep You Protected?

A Virtual Private Network does two primary things. First, it encrypts your internet signal and makes your activity indecipherable to potential intruders. Second, it alters your IP address to make it look like it’s coming from somewhere else.

By doing these two things, a VPN guarantees that any data you send or receive remains safe. It ensures that no one is monitoring your online activity.

Let’s look at some more specific ways VPN online protects you.

P2P Files Will Remain Safe

If you use peer-to-peer file sharing, you need to be using a VPN to protect your files. The VPN does this by ciphering downloads, uploads, and your IP address. This makes these files, along with your IP address, unidentifiable.

While using a VPN will slow down your bandwidth, the protection it provides is worth the slower speeds. If you use P2P networking to share sensitive files for work, you can’t risk having them compromised.

The small cost of a Virtual Private Network will be well worth the money.

Keep Your Searches Private

It’s now commonplace for search engines to track and catalog every search you perform. These searches are connected to your computer’s IP address. This is how search engines customize advertising for your particular device.

While some people may find this tracking useful, it can also pose a risk. You may want some of the search phrases you use kept private. If you’re afraid of such information becoming public, using a VPN online is a good idea.

It will help hide your IP address and help avoid search engine tracking.

Safely Use Public Wi-Fi

We’re constantly getting on public Wi-Fi to work remotely or simply check our email. The problem with the Wi-Fi at your favorite coffee shop or at the hotel you’re staying at is that it’s not secure.

Because there isn’t encryption security, it’s very easy for someone to eavesdrop on the signal. Any sensitive material you’re working with is now vulnerable.

Public Wi-Fi is one of the biggest reasons why mobile users should invest in VPN. If you travel for work, VPN online is a no-brainer. Without even knowing, you could have work files stolen or sensitive emails exposed.

Know How to Stay Protected

It’s a shame we have to worry so much about our security online. But it’s now a harsh reality. If you want to ensure your files and activity remain hidden, make a small investment and get a Virtual Private Network.

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