Is it safe to use the Windows 7 full version?

Is it safe to use the Windows 7 full version?

Still using the windows 7 full version? Here’s why Microsoft says it might not be safe to use.

This seems like a silly question, but there are legitimate concerns surrounding the windows 7 full version. And let’s not forget the warning Microsoft gave, which is what spawned the doubt we see today.

In Microsoft’s article, it said Windows 7 is dangerous to use. But then it was later removed without so much as a reason why. However, the article also stated that Windows 7 has serious failings, including hardware restrictions and security deficiencies.

Plus, the support for the platform is dwindling, which means less patchwork to fix these issues. So if you’re currently wondering whether you should use the Windows 7 full version, then continue reading.

Is Windows 10 the Culprit?

It is, according to a researcher from Google’s Project Zero named Mateusz Jurczyk. He’s already found a number of problems within the Windows 7 operating system.

And he believes it has everything to do with developers patching Windows 10 instead of Windows 7. The two operating systems have similar code, however, Microsoft is only focusing on the newer platform.

All this is doing is leaving the OS wide open for attackers to make their move. What makes this a concerning issue is that nearly 44% of Windows PC users are using Windows 7.

Some of the vulnerabilities found include CVE-2017-8685, CVE-2017-8680 and CVE-2017-8684.

What Makes Windows 7 Full Version Insecure

Besides the lack of patchwork provided to the OS, we have a list of other issues with Windows 7. Let’s review some of the problems:

> It doesn’t have as many security updates (since 2016)
> Security updates will end in 2020
> New features for the platform are minimal
> Doesn’t work for all sensors

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

It seems this is the motivation of Microsoft, as they shift their attention away from older operating systems to perfect Windows 10. However, there are some who choose to stick with Windows 7 for their own personal reasons.

But if you’re considering upgrading to Windows 10, then you can do so to ensure the security of your PC. And you’ll also get new features, such as the ability to set different wallpapers on each monitor you connected.

Then there’s the speed factor – the startup is quick and the videos stream faster as well. If you enjoy playing games, you’ll find DirectX 12 (a 3D engine) enough to convince you to cross over.

And for the techies, you may like Cortana, which is a technology you can talk to (like Siri or Alexa). This allows you to interact with your PC hands-free. One day, you’ll be able to run Cortana on your smartphone and tablet, aligning all your devices together.

This is convenient for scheduling reminders throughout the week.

If you Decide to Stick with Windows 7…

Then you’ll need a reliable antivirus software. There are other tools out there that prove useful as well.

For instance Clean Master, which is an app that will clean your PC. It removes junk files, boosts PC performance and eliminates six types of privacy risks.

So whether you plan to upgrade your Windows OS or not, you can use Clean Master to maintain your PC. Stop by Clean Master for PC – Professional Edition today to learn more!

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