Malicious abduction forced change of browser

Malicious abduction forced change of browser

The virus will lock multiple homepage browsers to, forcibly hijacking browsers when users buy online, faking promotion performance to earn commissions and pushing up the cost of doing business, which infects tens of thousands of computers daily.

Users of new Windows to download Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 licensing tools through the Internet, there will be a great chance to download to the version containing malicious programs, but using this type of authorization tools to crack Windows, the computer will be immediately poisoned.

The virus will be through the download of multiple drivers and executables, the browser home page lock to hijacked a variety of mainstream browsers forced to insert promotional code; with invisible browser window secretly click video ads to cheat advertising costs.

When the user on the shopping site, it will automatically insert your browser address bar promotion ID. The virus author can earn commissions.

How to remove ??

It can be removed using the built-in trash cleaner by installing the Clean Master for PC


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