The best junk file cleaner options for Windows

The best junk file cleaner options for Windows

Need to free up memory on your computer? Here are the best junk file cleaner options you can use.

Is your computer running slower than a group of snails through peanut butter?

If your Windows PC is taking more than a few of seconds to load your programs, a good RAM cleaner may be the remedy.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a function that allows information to be stored. Programs, games, documents, photos, music, browser history–even files you didn’t know you had have been taking up space on your computer.

Every time you boot up your computer, it reloads the drivers that contain the stored information. This all works great until you forget to do a routine cleaning to keep your PCs running up to speed.

This results in you waiting around for what could seem like an eternity for programs to open up. The good news is that with a bit of cleaning, your slow-running computer could be running like new.

In this post, we’re going to list the top ways to clean your computer’s junk files so that you can give your computer the speed it needs.

Try a Disk Cleanup

The most common reason for a sluggish computer is low disk space. Most computer users have seen the prompts warning them that space is running low. But, these warnings often go ignored.

If this is your issue, simply freeing up space could make your computer system work faster. If you’re unsure, you can check to see how much free hard drive space you have.

If you see a red bar filling up the majority of the disk drive space indicator, performing a disk cleanup will work wonders for your computer.

Perform a RAM Cleaner

If there’s plenty of room in your disk drive and your computer still isn’t performing at its best, you need a deep RAM cleaning.

Clean Master is a simple and free RAM cleaner software for Windows. It works its magic by scanning over 1,000 programs to identify and wipe out the files that are slowing your computer down.

Clean Master is a popular choice for users because it also includes a PC Boost that will resolve lagging issues. Clean Master is packed with a junk cleaning software so powerful that just one sweep will have your computer running like new.

Optimize your PC

For most users, running a RAM cleaner makes a huge difference in increasing their PCs speed.

However, other issues like privacy risks and broken drives could be slowing your computer down as well.

If you’ve cleared up your disk space and cleaned out your RAM but your computer is still running slow, a total PC optimization like the Clean Master Professional Edition might be needed.

Are You Ready to Give Your PC a Tune-Up?

A smooth operating system is just one of the many benefits of keeping your computer clutter-free. Without junk files clogging up your RAM, your programs will run smoother, you’ll stop seeing annoying warnings and you’ll have more space for the files that matter.

Don’t waste any more time waiting for your computer to load. A faster computer system is simpler than you think. Contact us today with questions!

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