The best PC privacy software

The best PC privacy software

Looking for a way to secure your personal information? We’ll fill you in on the best PC privacy software available.

Losing your personal information is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Many people worry about things like their credit card numbers or social security numbers being stolen. But, the real threat of fraud is having your personal information stolen from your computer.

Any given year, half of all Americans lose their personal info to hackers.

Thankfully, it’s possible to protect yourself by choosing the best PC privacy software.

Here are some of our top choices.

Tor Browser

One of the best PC privacy apps is the Tor Browser. They describe themselves as a “censorship circumvention tool.” They live up to this title by letting you browse the internet in a fully anonymous way.

This app is legendary among computer security and information privacy professionals. However, it is also easy for the most casual user to start using.

Hotspot Shield

Those who like to work on the go often rely on hotspots. These allow them to quickly and easily connect to the internet.

Hotspots are not always secure, though. Using one of them without any PC privacy software is an invitation to have your data stolen.

Hotspot Shield automatically encrypts your data packets whenever you connect to a Hotspot. This gives you peace of mind when using these convenient spots.


One issue that some users have with different PC privacy software is that it doesn’t offer much customization.

Privoxy is a web software tool that gives you full control over every setting.

This thorough form of data protection also has apps compatible with Apple and Android devices. This lets you take the protection of Privoxy with you wherever you go.


Everyone knows that creepy feeling of seeing pop-up ads for things you previously searched for. This happens because of the data you give up during every web search.

TrackMeNot is a simple form of PC privacy software. It is offered as a free add-on for your Chrome and Firefox browsers.

The software works by doing background searches for random terms on different search engines. This creates too much “noise” for the search engines to collect useful data about your searches.


Running the risk of losing personal information is only one concern that PC users face. Sometimes, they also have to wrestle with their Internet Service Provider.

Your ISP may do annoying things like throttle down your speed or limit the sites you can visit. However, TunnelBear is a VPN that offers protection from both hackers and your own internet service provider.


Keeping secure on the internet can be very difficult. You must remember a number of different passwords for various sites. Many people end up storing those passwords on their computer.

KeePass allows you to store passwords in an encrypted database. It can also help create new passwords that are very secure. This helps to make your PC more secure than ever.

Find Your PC Privacy Software Solutions

Keeping your information private should be a top priority.

It’s also important to remove junk software and excess files that make your computer run slow.

Be sure to download Clean Master for PC – Professional Edition today to fully secure your PC!

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