What computer files can I delete to save space?

What computer files can I delete to save space?

Are you looking to save space on your PC and delete unnecessary computer files? We’re here to tell you which ones are okay to get rid of. Read on to find out!

Is your computer lagging? As we’ve said before, there are different reasons why your computer is running slow. Maybe your browser has too many add-ons or your anti-virus software is using up your processing speed.

Another reason you may have a sluggish computer is low disk space. If this is your problem and you don’t want to invest in a solid state drive (SSD) just yet, you need to know what computer files you can delete to free up some space.

But which ones? Let’s take a look at the files you can safely delete to declutter your hard drive.

Recycle Bin Files

This might seem like a no-brainer but some people do forget to empty their overflowing bin. Of course, you shouldn’t expect this alone will solve your storage problem. But it will certainly help.

If you’ve been delaying emptying your recycle bin because you think there are files you might need to recover later, don’t worry. Here’s how you can restore deleted files from the recycle bin.

Hibernation File

Putting your PC on hibernation mode has its advantages. You get to go right back to what you’re working on without waiting for your PC to boot. Unfortunately, this also takes up a lot of space.

To delete the hibernation file via the Command Prompt, go to Start menu. Type “cmd” then type “powercfg.exe -h off”. Press Enter, then type “exit”.

Press Enter again and Windows will delete hiberfil.sys.

Temporary Files

As far as computer files go, files located at C:\Windows\Temp are one of the safest file types to delete if you’re looking to save space. They’re one-time use files and deleting them is as simple as pressing Ctrl + A and hitting Delete.

But take note that using Windows’ Disk Cleanup tool may not be enough to wipe out temporary files such as browser cache. If you want to clean junk files in one go, try a computer cleaner that is able to scan and analyze your PC’s entire system.

Files in Your Downloads Folder

In addition to freeing up storage space, regularly emptying your downloads folder is a good security practice. If you download a PDF copy of your credit card statement, for example, you wouldn’t want others to have easy access to it.

If you’re a Windows users, press the Windows key and type Downloads. Click on it and select all the files. Hit Delete and everything will be sent to the Recycle Bin.

For Mac users, select Finder from the Dock. You’ll see a list, where you can select Downloads. Highlight the entries, then press Delete.

Safely Delete Computer Files from Your PC

Now that you know which files are safe to delete if you’re hurting for space, don’t hesitate to try a cleaner that can also help you recover files if you accidentally deleted them.

Clean Master for PC doesn’t just get rid of junk files. It also optimizes your system and network settings with one click and provides privacy protection.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your PC’s performance.

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