Is your computer lagging? Here’s what you need to know

Is your computer lagging? Here’s what you need to know

Why is my computer so slow? This is a common question many PC users are asking. Learn about some of the possible reasons.

You’ve purchased a new computer.

It’s fast online and offline, just how you expected it to be. If you’re like most consumers today, you invest in PCs that have a lot of hard drive space, memory RAM, and processing speed.

Without it, you’ll have a sluggish computer.

So, you’ve done your research and made a great buy only to have it slow down a few months later. Give it a year and you begin to feel like you’re working with a dial-up connection.

You may ask yourself, “Why is my computer so slow?” and “What went wrong?” Well, the good news is you don’t have to buy another computer.

The bad news is you have to pinpoint what’s bogging down your computer speed and fix it.

This guide will give you some insight into the common issues that plague slow computers.

Your browser has too many add-ons

Yes, add-ons are very addictive. You have one for finding coupons and deals, checking your grammar in emails, and maybe even one for your social media account.

Whatever you’re adding on to your browser, it’s slowing it down. So, minimize how many you use at once. And eliminate those you can do without.

You need a new hard drive

If you’ve had your computer for quite some time, the slow speed may be due to the hard drive failing. Back up your files just in case. Then consider investing in a solid state drive (SSD).

These don’t have moving parts, which means they’ll last a lot longer. However, don’t expect it to be bulletproof. It can still have malfunctions, so continue to backup all of your data regularly.

Too many applications and programs are open

Remember, your memory RAM is responsible for keeping your computer running smoothly. However, when you have one too many applications and programs open, it becomes less efficient.

The key to fixing this problem is to either limit the programs you have open at one time – or you can invest in more memory RAM.

Hopefully, you purchased a computer with upgradeable RAM. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a computer with enough space to hold more memory.

Too many tabs are open at once

When you’re browsing the web, it’s important to minimize the number of tabs you’re using. The more you have open, the slower your computer will run.

Close out the tabs you no longer need or bookmark them, so you can return to them later.

Your anti-virus software is eating up processing power

It’s great to have an anti-virus software that works hard to keep your computer clean. But if it’s running full-system scans in the background while you’re using it, this can use up your processing speed.

You can go into the settings and configure the times to perform scans. Choose a time when you’re not using the computer, such as in the middle of the night.

Find out “Why is my computer so slow?”

If none of these issues answered your question of “Why is my computer so slow?” then you need expert help. There may be something more to it, such as a virus, full hard drive, or too many startup programs.

Whatever the issue may be, Clean Master for PC can find it. Our downloadable program offers PC boosts and disc cleanups. Stop by Clean Master for PC today!

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